WE Align your financial life to what you want out of life.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little "extra".


DCA Limited Hong Kong mindset is to grow, preserve and manage wealth in today’s world starting with your strongest asset… you.

ITS A POWERFUL DIFFERENCE WORKING WITH DCA LIMITED HONG KONG. We start with you, not your portfolio.  We provide you with current, thoughtful analysis and actionable steps that make a world of difference to you, your family and to what you want your life to look like.  Our focus is on you and only you. Do you have the resources to live the life you want?  Are you financially prepared for life’s surprises? How do we get you to where life and money live happily ever after?

Every individual has unique personal strengths and the ability to succeed.  We help you discover your strengths and how you can put them to work to create and build wealth. Using leading edge, self-assessment tools, our financial planners and advisors explore your gifts and identify opportunities to create value around them… guiding you to the career and lifestyle choices that help drive financial success doing what you love to do.

we build your wealth management plan based on thoughtful analysis.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.



You’re supposed to have a few million to even start the conversation about wealth building, right? But is anybody talking to you about how to get those first few million? We are.

 Knowledge of the financial markets is just one of many critical components of a successful financial strategy. We look at all aspects of your financial life to develop the most precise and current wealth management plan for you. With our approach, wealth-driven strategies support you every step of the way, even through life’s challenges, the bumps, the really hard transitions. We recognize how change can be an opportunity for growth, and we help you leverage it in ways you have never before considered.