wealth management services

It is important for us to get to know each client’s values, aspirations and resources. This is the fun part of our planning, because each client brings unique goals for successful money management. Through this process, finances will be organized and clients will have a better understanding of assets and liabilities along with income sources and cash needs. Goals will be clarified and a plan will be built around achieving them. We proactively review this plan frequently as needs change and new planning opportunities arise. 

Key Wealth Management Opportunities

Income and Expense Optimization – There are three choices when it comes to money: spend it, save it, or give it away. By taking the time to understand income sources, expenses and, ultimately, the ability to save, we help clients achieve balance in their goals. Our expertise allows them to determine their target savings now, so they can successfully meet long-term goals in the future. 

Tax Planning – We take a proactive approach to tax management. The tax impact of financial and investment decisions factors into all our planning strategies and eliminates unexpected accounting surprises.

Risk Management – Unforeseen challenges arise in life, and when they do, confidence in being prepared is a comfort. We review all aspects of risk to ensure clients are financially protected during unexpected life events. This includes understanding needs when it comes to life, disability, home and auto, health and long-term care, and business insurance, if applicable. Once we determine those needs, we will review the adequacy of existing insurance coverage, provide feedback on this coverage, or recommend new coverage as needed. Rest assured that because we are a fee-only wealth management company, our recommendations are always in our clients’ best interests and not biased to a particular product, as we do not accept commissions or referral fees. Instead, we work with independent brokers to purchase the correct insurance coverage to meet each client’s unique needs.

Charitable Giving – We find that many clients are involved with non-profits and enjoy giving time, money, or both, to these charities. We devise a plan that narrows the focus for giving, determines the best charitable vehicle and improves fulfillment in this important area of client life.

Investment services – With unstinting focus on client objectives and capital preservation, DCA Investments provide high-touch investment expertise that centres on diversified solutions and a service-led approach to portfolio management. Our investment process is as disciplined as it is creative – ensuring tailored solutions with robust results.

Alternative Investing – Centuries of dealing with wealthy people has given us a deep understanding of the journey our clients undertake as their wealth evolves. The DCA Strategic Solutions Group thinks innovatively and laterally for our clients – connecting them with people who have been through challenges such as theirs and with whom they can collectively shape the future.

Legacy & Estate Planning - We take the time to understand what is important in terms of a legacy and ultimate plans for assets. After reviewing current estate documents, we will visually illustrate how current assets would pass to heirs, other important individuals, or charities. Based on this insight, we can ensure estate documents accurately reflect our clients’ wishes and are updated when needed.